Artificial Grass is revolutionizing residential and commercial landscapes all across California, particularly Los Angeles.

It’s no secret that California is scarce on water, with continual wildfires and an endless drought, many Californians are looking for ways to save water.

Artificial grass (also known as synthetic turf), is the solution people all across California are turning to. With its evergreen appearance, low maintenance nature and water saving qualities it’s never been a better time to change your own lawn to artificial grass!

Irrigation Express is the proud sole distributor of Simple Turf, the highest quality artificial grass in Southern California. We are the only artificial grass distributor who offers an 18 year warranty,no delivery fees, and competitive pricing.

Additionally, we offer frequent Synthetic Turf installation training, you can find more information on our training classes here!

Artificial Grass

Want more information on our amazing line of Domestic and Import Synthetic Turf products? Look no further, jump over to Simple Turf’s website to learn more about the best Artificial Grass in Los Angeles.

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