Drip Irrigation delivers water exactly where you need it without waste, saving money and the environment.

Using drip irrigation is the best way to control the exact flow and quantity of water delivered to plants, shrubs, and trees. While there are many options for drip irrigation products, we typically recommend subterranean tubing and quality fittings from reputable vendors like Netafim and Rainbird. While Drip Irrigation can be a standalone system, typically it is a portion of a completed irrigation job which includes standard Schedule-40 PVC pipe and fittings, and an Irrigation Timer. Due to the heat and severe drought in places like Los Angeles, California, drip irrigation has become a staple in most residential and light commercial irrigation installations.

Here are 4 of our many essential drip irrigation products:

Rain Bird XFSCV Subterranean Drip Tubing

Rain Bird XFCV Subterranean Drip Tubing

Through the use of their proprietary tubing material and low-profile emitter design rainbird’s XFSCV Subterranean Drip Tubing is one of the easiest drip lines to install. Further, inside the lining of the XFSCV Drip tubing are check valves at each emitter which keep the tubing filled with water eliminating the need to recharge. 

  • Has low-point over-watering protection to avoid water drainage
  • Dual-layer tubing protects against chemicals, algae growth, and UV damage
  • Flow rate of 0.6 and 0.9 GPH with 12″ and 18″ spacing available

Netafim TLCV Subterranean Drip Tubing

Netafim TLCV Subterranean Drip Tubing

From the inventors of Drip irrigation, Netafim TLCV tubing is made of UV resistant material with a continuous self-flushing design, making TLC the most common drip tubing on the market. Its offset flow path and raised outlet prevent unwanted root intrusion ensuring long term reliability. TLCV Drip Tubing is available in sizes 100 up to 1,000 feet.

  • Made from post-consumer recycled polyethylene
  • Raised outlet prevents root intrusion
  • Emitter with anti-siphon feature
  • Flow rate of 0.6 and 0.9 GPH with 12″ and 18″ spacing available

Netafim Drip Compression Fittings

Irritrol KwikDial Kd4

In similar fashion to a traditional irrigation system, Drip systems require fittings to complete a functioning job. We carry a full line of compression fittings for all uses including Tees, Elbows, Flush Valves, and much more.

  • Acceptable for hose sizes for 17mm: 0.56” – 0.60” inside diameter
  • Barbed fittings ensure secure installation with glue or tools
  • UV resistant to withstand the sun, heat, and harsh chemicals

Agrifim Vinyl Tubing

Agrifim Vinyl Tubing

Much more flexible than polyethylene tubing, the vinyl agrifim tubing is used to connect barbed or threaded emitters, sprayers, or misters to your mainline tubing.

  • Made of flexible vinyl tubing
  • Max pressure of 30 PSI
  • Max flow of 30 GPH

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