Irrigation Nipples are an essential part of every new landscaping job.

Most commonly seen in residential installations, Schedule 80 PVC nipples are an inexpensive essential that are often used to elevate sprinkler heads from the ground. Due to their importance, we offer a comprehensive selection of Schedule 80, Brass, and Galvanized Nipples.

Check out a small selection of our comprehensive selection of Irrigation Nipples below:

½" x 2" Schedule-80 Nipple

Irrigation Nipple, Schedule 80 Nipple

A small 2” nipple perfect for raising sprinklers. With a threaded exterior it’s perfect for easy no-glue installation.

  • Threaded exterior
  • Made from durable schedule 80 plastic
  • Doesn’t rust

¾” x 18” Brass Nipple

Brass Nipple

For high water pressure installations a brass nipple is the proper part for the job.  Brass Nipples are very resistant to acids, minerals, and salt water making them a great sturdy option for projects that are made to last.

  • Made of durable long lasting brass
  • Heat, acid, and mineral resistant
  • Sturdy yet malleable

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