Christy's Red Hot Purple Primer

PVC glues and solvents hold irrigation systems together, quite literally.

Whether it’s an elbow, coupling, adapter, or even another pipe, chances are PVC glue or solvents are used as a sealant. Good PVC glue bonds in all conditions, whether wet, dry, or humid, you need to rest assured your system is held together. Some PVC pipes may require primer to prepare the PVC glue for a solid seal.

See our selection of PVC glues/solvents:

Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue Quart

Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue Quart

The gold standard, Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue is the most popular brand when it comes to bonding PVC with fittings.

  • Designed to bond in wet, dry and humid conditions
  • Can be used without a primer for certain pipes
  • Can be used for PVC applications: potable water, pressure, non-pressure, conduit, drain, duct, DWV, and sewer.

IPS Weld-On P-70 Quart

Rain Bird 12" x 17" Valve Box

IPS Weld-On P-70 is an industrial grade primer used to softening and preparing of PVC and CPVC. Primer is typically applied onto Sch. 80 and large size pipes.

  • Industrial grade strength
  • Specially recommended for Sch. 80 PVC pipes
  • Prepares PVC and CPVC pipes for bonding

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