Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles

Regulators and backflows stop water from returning back to the public water line and are required for potable water lines in California.

Typically installed on potable water lines, a regulator lowers the inlet pressure to a more suitable outlet pressure. A backflow preventer allows water to flow in one direction but not the other way. In states like California, backflows are required to prevent potable water from being contaminated due to backflow.

See some of our regulators and backflows below:

Febco 825Y Backflow

Rain Bird Variable Arc Nozzles

Designed in a “Y” pattern, the Febco 825Y protects against water contamination due to backflow. The 825Y is available in sizes ¾” up to 2”.

  • Constructed of Lead Free Cast Copper Silicon Alloy
  • Meets AWWA, ASSE, CSA specifications
  • Maximum working pressure of 175 psi

Wilkins 3/4" 600XL Regulator

Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles

With an integral strainer makes this more suitable for residential and commercial water systems. The Wilkins 600XL is available in sizes ½” up to 2”.

  • Maximum working water pressure of 300 psi
  • Valve bodies constructed of low lead cast bronze
  • In standards compliance with City of Los Angeles

Wilkins 975XL Backflow

Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles

For protection against back siphon and back pressure, the Wilkins 975XL backflow is an excellent choice. The Wilkins 975XL is available in sizes ¾” up to 2”.

  • Main valve body constructed of cast bronze
  • Maximum working water pressure of 175 psi
  • Maximum working water temperature 180°F

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