Irrigation Wire and Low Voltage Wire are crucial items for every landscaping professional. With more Southern California homeowners renovating their yards than ever before, Irrigation Express can help make sure you have the tools for any Irrigation or Low Voltage Lighting Job.

We carry wire from all major brands including: Southwire, Regency, and Paige Electric.

See some of our wire offerings below:

14/2 Low Voltage Lighting Wire

14/2 Low Voltage Lighting Wire

14/2 Wire is typically used for powering low voltage outdoor lighting. Made with multi-strands of copper wire bound together, and coated with a black polyethylene jacket our lighting wire is tough enough to handle the rigors of underground burial over long distances. While there are options to get more than 2 strands for conductors, most low voltage lighting jobs only require 2 strand wire. All our 14 gauge Lighting Wire is available in 250-2500ft in a variety of colors.

  • Insulated for superior performance and durability
  • Meets ASTM specifications
  • Copper conductors

5 Strand UF Irrigation Wire

5 Strand UF Wire

UF Irrigation Wire is most commonly used to connect valves to Irrigation Timers  to electronically control the opening and closing of valves without any hands-on work. While our most common Irrigation Wire is a 5 strand variant, we carry any combination you might need!

  • Available in 250-2500ft rolls in a variety of colors
  • Abrasion, chemical, and moisture resistant
  • Powers valves as well as other low voltage irrigation equipment
  • Approved for direct burial applications
  • Copper conductors

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